Pricing & FAQ

All live virtual (synchronous) visits and photograph consultations (asynchronous visits) are


*The Derm NP, PLLC does not accept insurance. However, you may use health insurance to fill your prescriptions at the pharmacy.


No insurance needed. No monthly membership required.

Schedule a virtual visit or upload photos through our HIPAA secure electronic health records system to receive care. Prescriptions can be sent electronically right to your own pharmacy of choice.

The Derm NP, PLLC does not require any type of membership. Each visit is only $37. Your unique skin concern is our priority.  The Derm NP, PLLC does not operate off of pre-determined treatment protocols or templates. All consultations are addressed case-by-case and a custom care plan is created, just as if you were being seen in the office. If you are not 100% satisfied with your care, we will refund your consultation fee.

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Unfortunately, no. We are currently licensed to see patients residing in District of Columbia, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, Washington, and West Virginia.

The Derm NP does not accept health insurance. All visits are $37 and can be paid with a credit card.  You can use your health care insurance at the pharmacy to fill your prescriptions.

The Derm NP does not evaluate moles and pigmented lesions via virtual visits. We recommend that you seek a consultation with an in-person dermatology provider for an evaluation of this type of lesion.

The Derm NP does not prescribe oral contraceptives or oral isotretinoin for acne at this time.

Unfortunately, at this time, The Derm NP does not prescribe injectable biologics via virtual or photo consultation visits.

The visit fee covers a live (synchronous) virtual visit or a convenient photograph submission consultation (asynchronous) visit and the evaluation and treatment for the condition, if indicated. Prescriptions will be sent electronically to your pharmacy of choice. The Derm NP is not a pharmacy. We do not carry or ship medications. You will be responsible for the cost of your medication at the pharmacy.

The Derm NP will attempt to fulfll prior authorization requests from the pharmacy as needed with the exception of medications prescribed for cosmetic or anti-aging purposes. Prior authorizations will not be performed on medications prescribed for cosmetic or anti-aging purposes.

The Derm NP will be out of the office from 

3/24/2024 – 3/31/2024

If you have an urgent matter during this time, please call us at (630) 233-9767 and leave a message with your concern.

We will respond within 24 hours.