Ring Lights and Anti-Aging

The world-wide web has changed the way we live. Not only do we have access to seemingly unlimited information, we’re also affected by social media and its influencers. Whether it’s a YouTube maven or a TikTok breakout star, being a social media influencer is a highly sought-after experience. The name recognition, perks including freebies and invitations to prestigious events, and, inevitably, the financial success that accompanies such a role makes it a profitable career path. The lifestyle of an influencer isn’t all glamour and no work, though. Beauty and lifestyle influencers spend inordinate amounts of time in front of the camera filming and editing their videos.

Isn’t That a Glamorous Life?

It seems like it, doesn’t it? It would seem to be a very glamorous life in front of cameras, being recognized, having fan girls (and boys). Life in front of the ring light isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, though. Long-term, daily exposure to these lights may cause skin damage, including premature aging. Signs of premature aging are:

  • Hyperpigmentation or dark spots
  • Wrinkles
  • Dry skin
  • Rough texture on the skin’s surface
  • Loss of elasticity and skin tone

UV light can be emitted through the coating on some ring lights causing this damage, so a good skin care regimen is a crucial part of life for a social media influencer.

What Can Be Done?

Using sunscreen, of course, is one of the key pieces to avoiding sun damaged skin. If photodamage has already occurred for long-term users of ring lights, there are a number of skin care options that can provide anti-aging effects. Some highly effective options for anti-aging skin care are:

While many of these products are available in over-the-counter formulations, those prescribed by a dermatology professional have a higher concentration of anti-aging ingredients, making them more effective more quickly. 

Where Can I Get Prescription Strength Products?

Dermatological care isn’t available to everyone. For some, there isn’t a dermatologist within many miles of their home. For others, dermatological care simply isn’t affordable. The Derm NP is a unique dermatology practice that provides online dermatology consultations. Telehealth appointments are available for any non-urgent dermatological condition.

Our provider, Laura Collins, has an extensive background as both a dermatology provider and teacher. Her vast experience and enthusiasm for the dermatology field means that you are receiving expert care by a practitioner passionate about her work. Laura continuously seeks education about the newest, most cutting-edge treatment modalities available so she can help you look and feel your best!

Laura is also committed to providing affordable care for her patients. The Derm NP provides services for $37 per consultation with flexible scheduling. If a prescription is needed, it will be sent to the pharmacy of your choice. Contact us at (630)233-9767 or thedermnp@thedermnp.com today to schedule an appointment for your dermatological concern. We’re here to help you be the best you possible. 

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