The Glass Skin Trend

Chances are that if you’ve clicked on this blog, you are not only interested in what the Glass Skin Trend is, but also how to achieve it. Let’s take a look at what it is and what products are needed to accomplish it.

What Is Glass Skin?

The Glass Skin trend has been around for several years now. It originated as a popular Korean skin care regimen that must be meticulously followed to achieve a complexion that is defined by flawless clear skin that is radiant, luminous, shiny or dewy, and of course, acne free. Who doesn’t want that?

Since we all are not born with skin that is perfect, especially during our younger acne-prone years, you can imagine that results like this involve a specific routine that must be followed and maintained consistently to achieve it. The Glass Skin regimen generally consists of several daily steps.

The Glass Skin Routine

  1. The first step of the glass skin routine involves “double cleansing” your face. See our previous blog here for an explanation of what this consists of.
  2. After the double cleanse, the next step is to exfoliate the skin at night with products that contain alpha and or beta hydroxy acids (AHA/BHA). These can be leave-on products or peels.
  3. Next, a toner is applied.
  4. Applying a skin “essence” is the fourth step. Skin “essences” are products that are water-based that contain ingredients to help heal the skin (such as aloe vera or snail mucin). They help to lock in moisture.
  5. Next you will apply a serum with hyaluronic acid to pull more moisture into the skin.
  6. A moisturizer should be applied to the face after the serum. Choose one that promotes a glossy finish rather than a matte finish.
  7. Don’t neglect the eye area and apply a medical-grade eye cream to the undereye area.
  8. Finally, sunscreens are needed to protect the skin from UV damage.

Is It Worth It?

There is value in performing any regimen that promotes healthy skin. If the Glass Skin care regimen helps you achieve your goals, then this rigorous routine may be right for you.  Since this trend has been so popular, companies have invented kits that include what you need in order to simplify everything.

Our recommendation is to try to follow a regimen that will help you to achieve your healthiest skin. Skin care regimens are not “one-size-fits-all” and even as we age, our skin care needs also change. The tried-and-true basic skin care regimen

  is a good place to start.

Tips For Healthy Skin

Keep your skin care routine simple. We like gentle water-based cleansers. A basic morning routine should include a cleanser, an antioxidant product, any prescribed medications such as for acne, as well as moisturizer, if needed, and always sunscreen. In other words, simply clean, moisturize, and protect. A simple evening routine involves a gentle cleanser, a prescription retinoid if tolerated, a moisturizer, and a medical-grade eye cream.

If you prefer exfoliating products such as glycolic acid, salicylic acid, or AHA/BHA products; do so in moderation, one to three times weekly. People with more sensitive skin may benefit from skin cycling their more active products to minimize dryness and irritation.

Since we know that our skin is an organ that is constantly growing and changing, we recommend adopting a regimen that is feasible and consistent because your regimen will be ongoing.

Where Should You Start?

A tip when applying multiple products at the same time is to start with the thinnest products (like serums) and work your way up to the thickest products (moisturizers and sunscreens) before applying any makeup, if using. Keep in mind that it can take some time for skin to adjust to a new regimen. Results can often take anywhere between three and six months to notice. Remember to apply moisturizers and sunscreens to the rest of your body as well.

When it comes to using exfoliants such as AHA/BHA products, do not layer them with topical retinoids as this can lead to dryness and irritation. The same goes for layering Vitamin C products; they can be irritating when applied with a retinoid or AHA/BHA.

How The Derm NP Can Help

With so many products to choose from, it can be hard sometimes to pick a regimen. The Derm NP is here to help! If you would like assistance crafting your anti-aging or skin care regimen, please visit our scheduling portal to schedule your easy telehealth visit today!

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